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B4DooM enhances the original DooM experience while carefully maintaining the classic look and feel that millions of fans will always love.

Being the prequel, the action takes place at the beginning of the invasion, being far more action packed as both sides fight - not just "you vs legion".

B4DooM can be played with 1000's of existing level wads, enhancing them and acting as a kind of time warp to take place while the invasion is happening - instead of afterwards as the sole survivor in DooM.

There are 2 versions of the game, so you can choose whether to be on the side of the invading demons or the marines.

  • Unholy God: Play as an evil medieval sorcerer, who was banished into the infernal dimensions and is accidentally freed 1000 years later due to the teleportation technology being developed by UAC for the transport of cargo on Mars' moons - and who now leads the invading demon horde, possessing the marines or using their life force to summon the demons...
  • Marines: You are just one of the marines battling the invading demon horde. You might think it's easy with marines fighting with you, but the demons are continuously respawning and possessing your team into the zombies found in DooM, meaning as time goes on the numbers of enemies increase as the marines die or become the vary force you are fighting against.
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